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02 March

Modular Benefits

Modular buildings are considered more LEED friendly & sustainable than traditional construction reasons are :

• Less material waste. The controlled factory environment where modular buildings are made leads to less waste. Materials not used are easily recycled or repurposed, decreasing the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

• Less site disturbance. Off-site modular construction has less disruption, carbon emissions & noise pollution to the building site & surroundings.

• Less material exposure to inclement weather. Many of the indoor air quality issues that arise with new construction result from high moisture levels in the framing materials. Because modular is constructed in a factory controlled setting where dry materials are used, the potential for high levels of moisture being trapped in the newly constructed facility is greatly reduced.

• Design Flexibility & adaptability when less new buildings are constructed, less raw materials are used and less energy is expended. Superior quality control of modular building and reduced waste, provides faster completion time, site-built construction.

“Time is money”

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Advantages of our innovative modular elevator shaft technology

  • New Construction
  • Renovation
    • Interior
    • Exterior (as shown below)


Renovation options for modular elevator

hLE Modular Shaft Technology


haynes Elevators

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Why build with modular construction techniques. Modular construction is one of the fastest growing forms of building in the market today. The recognition of its increased efficiency and ability to apply modern technology to the needs of the marketplace are what make it better and more efficient than stick building.

Our custom components are built and constructed in a controlled factory environment to the same building codes as traditional construction. Typically meeting or beating site-built codes.

Superior quality control of modular building and reduced waste, provides a faster completion time, 1/2 faster than site-built construction.

The increased efficiency of modular construction generally results in greater value and easier planning for the developer.

Computerization has enabled a mass customization approach and design any modular to meet the particular needs of a project.

The combination of reduced cycle time, more efficient construction, unlimited customization and a growing shortage of skilled trade’s people are the primary reasons many customers are choosing to consider modular.

Modular designs encompass the entire spectrum of the market; from multi-family housing to high-end luxury projects. Construction improved through technology.

Modular systems housing has grown at almost a 25% rate over the last five years.




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04 January

Greener Elevator

Our traction elevators are significantly more energy efficient, a hydraulic model uses up to 30 times more electricity than a traditional traction elevator.
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03 January

Our Elevator

The Haynes Elevator signature drive mechanism continues to be the heart of our elevator driveline and just one of the features that sets us apart.

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