Tailored custom elevator interior design solutions

Smooth and Comfortable Ride

We believe we have the smoothest ride available on the market today, as this was an integral demand of my father.
Custom elevator interior design

Custom Interior Design


Custom elevator interior design

We provide tailored custom elevator interior design solutions. Premier custom elevator manufacturer with lower costs that maximizes the use of available space for the largest car available. Without the need of a mechanical room or hydraulic oil, smell or contamination possibilities.

Home owners and elderly family members maintain their active independent quality of life. Whether a new home, or existing, our innovative design fits your budget and faster installation time with very little maintenance required.

Custom elevator interior design

Tailored to Elevate

As shown here, our custom call box protrudes inwards maximizing the car interior space.


We believe in enriching the lives of people, by providing the means for them to stay in their own homes longer with a more RELIABLE elevator. Our belief in Value is why we are going the extra mile with the highest quality components and manufacturing.

 We are not building an elevator company, we are elevating people. Elevating people with excellent service, elevating people with the BEST value on the market, and elevating people with a SAFE solution that will truly improve their quality of life.

We believe that excellent work is the only kind of work worth doing. That is why we are committed to strive for excellence in every aspect of our business.   SIMPLE – Our patented elevator design is VERY simple. Simple is always good, in fact it often takes more work to make something simple, than complex. Simplicity means, less maintenance, fewer moving parts, easier to install, and more COST EFFECTIVE! SOLID – We believe in doing things once. That is why we build a product that is sturdier, with a MUCH higher safety factor than is required. SAFE – Safety is always paramount! No more getting stuck between floors unable to exit, we go the extra mile to keep our clients SAFE!
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